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Monday, June 25th, 2018

News & Coming Events

See the live feed on line of the Ordination Ceremony in Modesto.

You can view the Ordination Ceremony on Friday June 22nd from 6 - 9 PM

LiveStream will allow you to be there from the comfort of your computer screen.  Copy and paste the following into your web browser's address bar:

24 June:        Sunday, 6:00 PM   Sunday Salon at Six - celebrating
                                                                              George and Ira Gershwin
Come support the SHUMC music fund
                          suggested donation:  $25   
                        Nancy Garden & Terry Winn - piano duets
                        Cynthia Ermshar & Ted Von Pohle - vocal duets
                         Terry Winn & Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson - piano & cello

25 June:         Monday, 10:00 AM Men's Group
25 June:         Monday, 4:00 PM Bell Choir Rehearsal

26 June:         Tuesday, 1:00 PM  Vintage Group 

27 June:         Wednesday, 6:00 PM  Film Night  Do the Right Thing
A neighborhood pizzeria becomes the focus of racial tension,
                        economic injustice and shifting alliances with family, friends
                        and community.    Bring your dinner if you like.

1 July:  Sunday 10 AM Worship, children's Choir and Bell Choir

5 July:  Thursday, 7:00 PM  Mature Vines Small Group


  July 10:              Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
Shari Bluband, chair

11 September:          Tuesday,  5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
                                                                                            Shari Bluband, chair

13 November:           Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
                                                                                           Shari Bluband, chair

11 December:             Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
                                                                                             Shari Bluband, chair

8 January, 2019:        Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Commitee Meeting











Wherever you are in the exploration of your faith,
we will walk with you

The United Methodist Church
of Saint Helena

1310 Adams St.
St. Helena  CA  94574



any questions?  Call Susan, office administrator, at 963-2839











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 ~ St Helena United Methodist Church
St Helena, California, USA