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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Worship at St. Helena United Methodist Church

Worship every Sunday at 10 a.m.

Pastor Burke Owens preaching.

Wherever we are in our spiritual journey,we intend to come into closer relationship with God and with each other. God's presence awakens our hearts, and informs our lives, so that we are grounded by divine grace.

Our church is a place where we practice living in faith, supporting each other so that with time we become the beloved community. 

For when we awaken our soul, God is brought into the world. 


~~~~~~~~~~January 19~~~~~~~~


Scripture:              Acts 10:34-43

Sermon:                Harmony in the Church

Music:                    Napa Valley Duo

~~~~~~~~~~January 26~~~~~~~~


Scripture:              Wisdom 19:18-22

Sermon:                 Harmony in our lives

Music:                     Elle Wheeler






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































 ~ St Helena United Methodist Church
St Helena, California, USA